Transform Students’ Lives With a Gift Today!

Students need substantial financial assistance to bridge the gap on their path to achieving their dreams. This is where a donor’s generosity plays a pivotal role. A gift to the 杰克逊的大学 Foundation eases the financial burden for students in several different ways:

杰克逊的大学 Annual Fund

Your unrestricted gift to the 杰克逊的大学 Foundation Annual Fund provides flexibility to meet areas of greatest needs and sustainable opportunities for student success.

杰克逊的大学 Scholarships

Your scholarship gift provides academic support for deserving students at 杰克逊的大学.


Your gift helps eliminate barriers to success by providing essential resources such as free food and hygiene products.

杰克逊的大学 Student Emergency Fund

You gift provides financial resources and a support system for students to complete their academic goals regardless of what obstacles may come in their way.

The kindness of others helps our students pursue their dreams by lessening the weight of financial worries! Students’ lives are transformed because of the support given by those along the way. By extending your generosity to students, you can also be a beacon of hope that influences their lifelong dreams. 在你的帮助下, they can go on to make their mark on the world by serving their community and making a positive difference. Would you consider a year-end gift to support students on their journey, and play a vital role in their success?

Together, we inspire and transform lives!


Make a gift to the 杰克逊的大学 Foundation

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